itsInfratech Solutions Sdn Bhd (1171151-t) was established on 2014 in Malaysia and owned by Bumiputras who have a combined experience of professionals more than 10 years in industry. ITS provides services in the field of Condition-Based Monitoring with our expertise is in Infrared Thermography Inspection covering a wide range of applications in oil & gas industry.


Our Services Covered:

1. Infrared Thermography Inspection
2. Advanced Infrared Thermography Inspection
3. Precision Laser Alignment & Measurement Ultrasound Inspection


Infrared Thermography Applications Overview


Thermal imaging has evolved into one of the most valuable diagnostic tools for Predictive Maintenance. By detecting anomalies often invisible to the naked eye, thermography allows corrective action to be taken before costly system failures occur.

Thermography can be applied in any situation where a problem or condition can reveal itself by means of a thermal difference. For many situations, this is quite easy to apply; a thermal condition can be seen because the process involves release of thermal energy.

Benefit of Infrared Thermography


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